Since I was a child I am in love with Italy and especially Venice… And being a wedding photographer in Venice is just an outstanding dream to have. So, if you are getting married in that stunningly beautiful and picturesque scenery in northern Italy – I am your wedding photographer! Let´s create some magical memories together!

“Oh Venice! Venice! ⁣
when thy marble walls ⁣
Are level with the waters, there shall be ⁣
A cry of nations o’er thy sunken halls, ⁣
A loud lament along the sweeping sea!”⁣

Lord Byron, ‘Ode on Venice’⁣

Just walking through these stunning shallow pathways creates a everlasting memory for your souls! Sipping a glass of red wine or champagne while soaking in all that delicate beauty of Venice will nourish your hearts and fill you all up with pure love. By capturing your wedding with my photographic eye your memories will last forever!

Let´s walk, take a gondola and get lost in the canals of Venice and create your outstanding Venice wedding photographs that will take your breath away…

If you need any tipps for planning your destination wedding in Venice, here I have collected the most useful information on “How to plan your destination wedding in Europe”

Venice is always worth a trip, if it´s not for your big wedding day, it can also be just you, two as a stunning elopement or you decide to do an after wedding trip to Venice and renew your vow´s there…

Whatever you feel like. I am there to capture your big memories, as your Venice wedding photographer.

March 29, 2022

I would love to also capture your love in a truly unique and artistic way!

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