"Her work reflected her signature blend of
dreamlike formality."


"Simone takes portraits developing them into surreal images to access the emotional aspect of the image and tell a deeper story."


"Even something seemingly motionless is in a state of change. The stillness in each of Simone’s pieces shows a deeper movement of inner life."

the dreams and stories I told


"Her work reflected her signature blend of dreamlike formality."


"Simone takes portraits and self-portraits, developing them into surreal images to access the emotional aspect of the image and tell a deeper story."


hello, wonderful soul

meet the photographer

To reveal the essence of my digital and analogue photography approach is to reveal a part of me, a part of you, a part of any beautiful soul who sails in the ethereal flow of life.

Coursing in my veins is the beauty of this world that never ceases to bewilder me. I long to discover the wonders that grace our planet and unveil all those hidden places where nature has weaved a magical atmosphere....

 An endless love for nature and travelling, paired with exploring my own emotions always embodies an idea, inspiring me to paint its vision through my lens. The depths of my own feelings narrate a story that I first need to sketch and curate a mood for my impending fine art photography work. Other times what sparks my inspiration can be heartfelt poetry, maybe even a story that a friend tells me which will evoke a strong emotion to go with it.

The distinctive beauty of fine art prints is unrivalled. While digital form also has its beauty, printed tangible form of artful visuals elevates the whole aesthetic. In printed art the composition is emphasized, giving you the ability to see and feel from a whole other perspective - even discover things you couldn’t see before in digital. For that reason, I offer the possibility to order fine art prints from me. Because I pour an incredible amount of love into my work, I only collaborate with the most professional labs that I fully trust in order to deliver the highest quality prints. The creative process is infused with emotions, so my sole purpose is to have it finalized with diligence in its finest form.
I am honoured to print this fine art specially curated to adorn your home, therefore be absolutely certain that during the printing process, the original emotion and expression will be maintained, even accented in an authentic way. I only use fine art quality paper and museum giclee printing techniques that are intended to endure so that the print becomes a lasting treasured decor in your home.

If you are interested in my soulful photography artworks and want to use it for your own work, you are more than welcome to buy licences for the use of my pictures for numerous projects such as book covers, CD or Vinyl covers, and other artworks.
Please get in touch for more information about the details regarding licensing options (For example, exclusively, non-exclusive, worldwide or local).

The artful portraiture is a sacred expression of your beautiful soul and as such its emotional value must be treasured and worshipped. That is why I offer the possibility to portrait your rawful soul. Almost nothing compares to the melancholy of having memories framed in tangible form or printed wall art to embellish your home with your essence. Furthermore, the wall prints of your fine art portraits can also be a wonderful gift for someone special.
Because my heart beats in the name of emotions and visual poetry, for my printing process I solely collaborate with the most professional and diligent labs in whose hands I fully trust my expressive vision. Not only do I print everything in the best possible quality, but I also use the highest quality paper to fully portray the ethereal mood and essence of the photos. Let these printed fine art portraits serve you as pillars towards your next chapter in life, reminding you of your beauty, strength and raw emotions.

Does your heart crave to tell your story? To have your soul poured into a fine art piece? Do you maybe have creative ideas that you want to bring to life? Are you a creative artist who needs a new CD or Book Cover? Then I would be delighted to be of assistance to you. Let’s create something beautiful and unique together! Let us tell your story to the world!

I will curate a concept that also includes location, accessories and model (if that is not yourself), and we will transform every dream picture you envision into reality!


Our life is an endless ocean of inspiration and a plethora of emotional palette that is begging us to discover its depth. Sometimes drifting through those emotions takes us to dreamlike places that live only in our mind. That precisely inspires me to venture further and break all boundaries of reality by curating surreal conceptual fine art photography.