"Your photography is something special, delicate, something intangible... You have the ability to catch emotions like we haven't seen before."

britta & jan

"Within every picture we can feel the graceful passion which excites in a tender but truly authentic way."


"You took away all our nervousness with your relaxed and warm-hearted soul. Thanks to you we forgot everything around us during the whole time."

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For any kind of artistic photography, what matters to me most is YOU! To show the highest and purest form of your love by mixing reportage with a Fine Art aesthetic. During your wedding day, I focus on every emotion and detail to display one of the most iconic moments of your life to its fullest. 


"As we planned our wedding and thought about the photographer, we simultaneously said: "Simone". 

Your photography is something special, delicate, something intangible... You have the ability to catch emotions like we haven't seen before. And that is exactly what we needed for our wedding day. As we woke up on our wedding day we had the worst weather you could think of: heavy rain and fog. But you were full of joy and wiped away our doubts. And as we saw your pictures we knew why. We, together at this abandoned castle, covered in heavy fog... A dream! We were so touched and incredibly happy. Now we're glad we didn't have sunshine. Also our guests were amazed by your pictures, there is a nice one from all of them and they didn't even notice. Natural and not posed. And these little moments that you all captured... Stunning! We couldn't have dreamed of a better photographer. Thanks to you we can remember this day again and again by looking at our album. Thank you!"

"After a long and unsuccessful research we were so happy, we finally found you. 

You took away all our nervousness with your relaxed and warm-hearted soul. Thanks to you we forgot everything around us during the whole time of the couple shoot. The pictures you took match exactly our expectations and we were so impressed that during such a short time so many awesome pictures can be made. Also our families are thrilled by your work. We could feel your passion and would always book you, again!"

“Simone accompanied our wedding from morning to night. There is no question that her pictures are stunning, 

but she also more than enriched this day on a human level. She sympathized and accompanied and yet was unobtrusive. We understood each other perfectly in the preliminary talk and she more than fulfilled our wish to act not only as a photographer but also as an artist. Our guests loved her from the first moment and were not afraid to be photographed by her. She managed to capture thousands of moments that we processed ourselves on the day and gave us memories for life. We then had her design our wedding album and it turned out just perfect! There will no longer be a family celebration without them wanting to give us. I would get married every year just to get your photos!“

"I was looking for a professional photographer who knows what they are doing, but also takes a bit unconventional, more artistic pictures

 with a sense for details. It was pure destiny that I saw your page. I was impressed that you already took the time to have a look at the location beforehand and that you were confident that we can get nice pictures even if it is raining. I was also impressed by how quick and uncomplicated you did the group shots. No one had to wait for ages and with a fake smile. 
We could stay all by ourselves during the couple shoot and you had great ideas and tips. And then... we were able to see the final results. They extended our expectations. I couldn't believe it was me in the pictures. Your fine art style looks like the pictures are from a dream world. Pure beauty! But you also took the more classic pictures for the grandmas. And our families were a bit surprised at the beginning by the different style but then loved the pictures like we do. Thank you again so much. Your pictures and you were extraordinary and made our day last forever!"

“We are incredibly thankful and happy for the wedding pictures you have taken of us and our guests.

Beforehand we were able to talk about our ideas and wishes, which you turned into reality 100%. Also at our after wedding shoot you had great and creative ideas - which turned into stunning and extraordinary memories. You have the eye for something special and the ability to capture so many candid moments. And additionally you are such a pleasant , open minded and warm hearted human being. We would always book you again and recommend you. We are glad, we had you on our side” 

“Particularly unique - we had a wonderful and relaxed photo session

 of our wedding and are - until today - impressed by the results. Within every picture we can feel the graceful passion which excites in a tender but truly authentic way. We were able to enjoy the time and not being forced into poses. That's why we fall in love with these moments again and again. 
Thank you for accompanying us on our day, you wonderful person and marvelous photographer.”

hello, wonderful soul

meet your photographer

My entire existence I’ve been fascinated by beauty and art.
I truly and wholeheartedly surrender to it. Bewitching landscapes, the use of light within the old masters oil painting, the poetry of people’s uniqueness, the melancholic allure of darkness...

Thank you for visiting my artful sanctuary. I am so glad you are here!
My name is Simone, and I’m the very heart and soul behind SELENE ADORES.  By becoming an artistic wedding photographer I’ve found my true calling. What I deeply desire is to evoke the uniqueness of your love story with my lens. Let's sail through surreal realms.

the essence

portraying your raw soulful emotions into fine art

My work is based on portraying your raw soulful emotions into fine art, that is why I will never push you into poses that you don’t like, I will only assist you beforehand so that we create the perfect atmosphere. What I really want is for you to be yourself at all times - natural and into your own essence, surrendering completely to your beloved. With an eye for detail I will capture the essence of your day and let your memories live forever.

to cherish and hold 


Nothing quite replaces the tangible beauty of memories! There is certain nostalgia when you hold a photo album instead of looking through a screen.

 For that reason, I offer the possibility to order your printed fine art photos from me, sorted into a thoughtfully curated photo album that tells your story. Because my work is done with utmost love and diligence, I only collaborate with the most professional labs that I fully trust in order to deliver the highest quality printed photos. After all, the album is designed with maximum care because it will be your valued heirloom, evoking profound emotions even after years and years of your marriage. Just imagine yourself being surrounded by your loved ones, going through the photos together, reliving all the memories. It will be your legacy which you can pass onto future generations to cherish and hold, to keep the memory of you both alive.
Another option is to also print your photos as individual wall art and have them framed. They will adorn your home, eternally reminding you of your loving journey together and the pristine joy of life.