The beauty of emotions finding their way into candid rebirth, immersing through my lenses like phoenixes with their shadowplay.

hello, wonderful soul


Looking back, my life has always been a perpetual dance that follows the footsteps of two passions, photography and travelling. 

Part of what has lured me to adore art and soulful expression is that I am originally from a medieval town called Nuremberg in Bavaria, Germany. It is the home of many famous artists like Albrecht Dürer, and it has been an influence to start paving the path of my journey. Now, I live in a small town called Forchheim that is very close, enveloped by the majestic nature of Franconian Switzerland.
My entire existence I’ve been fascinated by beauty. I truly and wholeheartedly surrender to it. Bewitching landscapes, the poetry of people’s uniqueness, the melancholic allure of darkness... The beauty of emotions finding their way into candid rebirth, immersing through my lenses like phoenixes with their shadowplay. That is why I express my portrayal through Fine Art.

britta & jan

"As we planned our wedding and thought about the photographer, we simultaneously said: "Simone". Your photography is something special, delicate, something intangible... You have the ability to catch emotions like we haven't seen before."



let us sail through
surreal realms 

I weave my artistry through Fine Art conceptual photos and Fine Art wedding photography, but there is so much out there, just waiting to be explored.

This world of ours has put a spellbinding charm on me that I feel compelled to discover all the wonders! Ahh, all those high mountains, textured rough surfaces, profound oceans... all those murmuring forests that hide old castles. I could forever wander and always find a new treasure to cherish!

Obviously, I am really passionate about traveling, and that is why my other passion - photography, has found solace in my adventurous spirit. By becoming an artistic destination wedding photographer I’ve found my true calling.

What I deeply desire is to evoke the uniqueness of your love story with my lens. We will create one of a kind concept for your wedding and be absolutely sure that wherever you may be on this extraordinary planet, the photos will be soulful and beyond outstanding!

Browse through my other Fine Art work on the button bellow. Let me take you into different worlds with my digital and analog photography, let us sail through surreal realms and unknown gateways of the soul.

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I have a strong focus on emotions, beauty and details. These are either the emotions between you, as couple but also between your guests, friends and family. 
I am a quiet photographer, overlooking scenery and mainly in the background. My equipment is suitable for low light so, that I usually don´t need flashlight during the ceremony and my cameras can  capture your precious moments totally silent. Which most priests, or ceremony speakers appreciate a lot and you won´t get disturbed by any noise or flashlight. During your couples pictures we carefully decide what you want to do and achieve beforehand. This is my favorite time of the day. We can get creative and you, two can totally focus on yourself and your love... 
There my artistic mind get´s on fire and I will create extraordinary fine art pictures for you. I won´t push you into poses that you would never do... You can totally stay yourself and the best pictures are made during movement and moments I capture in between. I will assist you and create the right atmosphere for your pictures. 

I use two professional full frame cameras. Both have two memory card slots, where I immediately safe your pictures on, simultaneously. So in the moment I take one picture it´s already saved on to separate cards as a back up. My cameras can also work in total silence so, that the click of the shutter doesn´t disturb anyone during your ceremony or private moments. I also work with very light sensitive lenses. This is important also in low light situations. For example during your ceremony it is usually not necessary to use flash light. 

That depends on the length of your wedding coverage. Usually you will get around 50 pictures per hour of booking. You will all get them digital, in high resolution for print and low resolution for web and social media. Every picture is edited by myself and carefully selected.

Sure, I have some photographers whom I´ve been working together with in the past. And it is a great opportunity to have two different angles if you decide to book a second photographer. And the variety of the pictures and also the possibility to be more creative are even better.

That depends on the season. Usually your pictures are ready within four to six weeks after your wedding.
Your FineArt album is ready for proof shortly afterwards.
The production of the album is handmade in Europe and takes around four weeks.

Absolutely! Although I´m based in Germany,
I do photograph weddings all over the world.
As my heart beats for our nature I do compensate the CO2 of all my travels through atmosfair.

Absolutely. You will get the license to print all your pictures on your choice. Just take care of the printing business and maybe get some proofs beforehand. It´s important that the printer does not change the colors of your pictures or apply contrast or anything else. Your pictures are ready to print, when you get them from me. I can also assist you with that. If you don´t want to think about different prints or techniques you can always order your prints through me. I´m working together with professional labs that I fully trust and I can make sure you will get the best quality for your final printed pictures.

Yes, absolutely. I love albums! My heart always jumps when I see the final results... When you can feel the pages and the surface of the album. In my opinion pictures are not made for a computer or a hard drive... They are made to feel... to be printed on special paper... framed on a wall or in a unique wedding album. I offer specifically selected fine art albums which I carefully curate for you. Because that is how you will be watching your wedding pictures for the upcoming years and your album will be the thing that you pass on to future generations... It will last forever...