The beauty of emotions finding their way into candid rebirth, immersing through my lenses like phoenixes with their shadowplay.

hello, wonderful soul

Artist statement

Thank you for visiting my artful sanctuary. I am so glad you are here! My name is Simone, and I’m the very heart and soul behind SELENE ADORES.

To reveal the essence of my digital and analogue photography approach is to reveal a part of me, a part of you, a part of any beautiful soul who sails in the ethereal flow of life. While I take my paddle and travel across oceans of time, my passion lies in artfully extracting the most profound emotions in your being. Capturing the moment when they emerged, only to be ensnared in a seemingly motionless state. Yet they live...they live vividly in the eyes of the beholder, breathing a deeper movement of inner life through my fine art photography.
Coursing in my veins is the beauty of this world that never ceases to bewilder me. I long to discover the wonders that grace our planet and unveil all those hidden places where nature has weaved a magical atmosphere. Sometimes the fine art of portraiture gracefully adorned with nature’s ambience is a masterpiece on its own, and other times the clash of the human expressive soul and surrounding gives birth to a surreal idea in my mind. And then? Then, my wonderful soul, let your soul get lost in my poetic artworks and wander around though the surreal worlds within my creations...

“Factual surrealism - a fascinating combination”

Claudia Schuller for Nürnberger Nachrichten


Through all soulscapes of people and all wonders of nature lies an inspiration that is waiting to be portrayed in its rightful fine art form. Beginning from the enchanting place where I live Forchheim - the heart of Franconia (Germany) to travelling through places of this world always fascinates and inspires my creative spirit to immediately envision expressive beauty. Often what others might find elusive, my conceptual vision finds alluring. Sometimes that can be an empty, half-sunken boat; other times a mystic, ruined castle whose secrets are waiting patiently to be demystified.

That love for nature and travelling, paired with exploring my own emotions always embodies an idea, inspiring me to paint its vision through my lens. The depths of my own feelings narrate a story that I first need to sketch and curate a mood for my impending fine art photography work. Other times what sparks my inspiration can be heartfelt poetry, maybe even a story that a friend tells me which will evoke a strong emotion to go with it.

Our life is an endless ocean of inspiration and a plethora of emotional palette that is begging us to discover its depth. Sometimes drifting through those emotions takes us to dreamlike places that live only in our mind. That precisely inspires me to venture further and break all boundaries of reality by curating surreal conceptual fine art photography.


It is a never ending burning desire to showcase my fine art photography all over the world. I have already had numerous exhibitions for art lovers to explore, and seeing their expressions while browsing my work is an addiction that makes my whole being thrive. Whether through publications or exhibitions, sharing my vision with like-minded souls is a passion I relish in.