Here is my checklist on how to plan your destination wedding in Europe:

Europe is so rich of culture, heritage and stunningly beautiful old castles, Châteaus, vineyards and villas, so it´s hard to decide where to get married… Choosing to host a destination wedding means to weave an unforgettable experience far from your homeland. Immersing into rich cultures and sharing the beauty with your guests in a more intimate affair. These kinds of celebrations are bound to awe-inspire your whole being. Yet they do come with their own set of challenges. To help you with the destination wedding planning quest, I have put together a checklist, covering the most important aspects if you want to get married in Europe.

Now let´s plan your destination wedding first:

Decide on a location and book a venue

As every romantic tale begins, you must choose a location. Based on that you can pick your wedding venue. If you are planning a destination wedding in Europe, choosing a country might not narrow down your list. There are a plethora of venues to host a magical celebration. When selecting, take into consideration your style and what your soul is drawn to. Whether coastal areas, lakes, mountain escape, ethereal forests, warm climate, vineyards, castles, villas, or even an urban location like Paris, Vienna, Rome or Munich.

Guest lodging and transport

After your location and venue are decided on, you need to consider the guest lodging and transport. Of course, there is no need to pay for any of that but organizing the booking and means of transport is recommended.

Hire a wedding planner and vendors

Hiring a professional for your destination wedding planning is maybe my primary advice. Not only do they know the area, but they also work with the best vendors that will be aligned with your style. Furthermore, a planner can also help you choose the best wedding venue measured to your soul. If you need individual recommendations, just drop me a message and I can individually support you!

Hire a destination wedding photographer

An experienced professional will be able to portray your love story most beautifully, creating heirlooms of this remarkable event for you to cherish forever. So wether you decide to elope in Paris, have an intimate Chateau wedding in France or at Lace Como in Italy, a big celebration at a vineyard or an old castle in Germany – I can be at your side to be your destination wedding photographer in Europe! With all my knowledge and passion for outstanding beauty and experiences that nourish your souls.

Visit in advance

Visiting the location in advance will give you a better perspective about your destination wedding in Europe. Take time to explore, have a taste of the culture and relish in the beauty. Sightseeing of the venue premises is always recommended. So that you can explore where your ceremony and reception will take place.

Organize additional events

Because your guests will be with you a whole weekend in a location that they haven’t probably seen before, it would be thoughtful to offer them extra activities that are sure to be memorable.

Expect the unexpected

Sometimes there might be unexpected expenses, so during the destination wedding planning, I would recommend setting aside 10% of your budget. That way nothing can dampen your celebratory spirit. Additionally, opt for wedding insurance that would cover your event.

Inquire about marriage requirements

Having a destination wedding in Europe will have unique marriage legalities that your wedding planner can easily manage. However, you need to learn about the requirements and acquire all the needed documents.

Do not forget your passports

Check whether your passports are up to date and prepare them to be ready when the date comes.

Welcome bags

Destination weddings are also about the intimate guest experience. So it would be a lovely touch to have welcome bags for your family and friends. It is a wonderful way to make them feel welcome and important.

Select a wedding dress according to the destination

Usually the season, location and weather predictions play a great role. If the weather is warmer and more humid, choose a dress made from breathable materials. Like Mirela – a German bride that I captured during her destination wedding in Mexico. If you are hosting your wedding day in the early chills of Autumn, consider a dress with sleeves and a jacket that would go perfectly with your aesthetic.

If you have any more questions about destination wedding planning, just to reach out.

My vast insight on destination weddings in Europe has given me first-hand experience concerning various incredible locations!

March 29, 2022

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