Finding the perfect photographs that represent your brand and communicate with a clear vision is not an easy task. Defining how you want to be visualized and how you want to show your brand to your customers is a process well worth going for. This way the pictures you are showcasing speak the same language like your brand identity and you create a cohesive style to place your business as professional and soulful as you are.

For the organic, franconian vineyard “Wein von 3” we created a visual brand strategy that transported their business identity as a young and modern vineyard and that tells the story of the three winemakers, the labour intensive work and the love that they pour into their wine and combining that with the tradition and history of the baroque castle. We decided to work a lot with black and white imagery but with high contrasts and a modern twist – just like the three themselves decided to make their wine. Throughout the year I was able to capture various stages of their winemaking process so, that they have photographs that they can use during the whole year for their social media or PR publications. Also including portraits of the three winemakers themselves during their work and highlighting this way the organic and handmade product that they are producing.

“Simone has accompanied us since some years now and documents our work at different stages. She is always able to catch special moments while acting more in the background so that we often did not even notice being photographed. Her photographs are just wonderful and highly professional. After releasing the new visuals we got a lot of positive feedback from various customers who all have been thrilled. We even could see some direct sales coming from new customers, finding us because of her pictures. Working with her is very professional and she is always flexible regarding our wishes and needs without compromising on her specific style.”

Wein von 3

The home of the vineyard is Schloss Zeilitzheim (Zeilitzheim Castle), a Baroque country estate (built in 1679) near the picturesque town of Volkach in Germany’s wine region of Franconia (Franken) in northwestern Bavaria, as Alexander von Halem – the owner of the castle and one of the three winemaker writes. It not only functions as the home of the vineyard, it is also a lovely holiday and event location. On a regular basis people love to celebrate weddings or other occasions surrounded by the stunning history of the castle walls. Of course – to get an impression of the castle itself some visuals and details of that gorgeous piece of architecture and history needed to be included as well.  

To visualize the love of winemaking and allowing the customers an insight view we captured the different stages of the labour and work that the three winemakers are going through to produce their wine. From the first blooming in spring, preparations of the soil, the final harvest in autumn and then the work at the wine cellar to taking care of the vine in winter and cutting it in shape so, that it can bloom and the cycle starting again… Now they have a full portfolio of visuals that the winemakers can use to promote their work throughout the year.

April 29, 2021

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