Today we live in a world full of too many things and too little value! We do not take time to focus on what is important, to think about our lives, nature and it´s resources… We as humankind just take everything which nature gifts to us for granted and ignore the consequences. Thinking about this feels heartbreaking to me and I felt kind of hopeless. But nevertheless I wanted to try and do something which is within my abilities to try and make these problems more visible. That is why I have created this fine art photography series “melted” to visualize how we, as humankind treat our planet earth and how – as a dystopian approach – we will end up if we do not change our daily behaviours…

fleurs en plastique

The surreal approach invites the viewer to stay and explore the image. To think about the sense behind and to hopefully understand the idea. By working with an incredible team of creatives, it was possible to achieve a dreamy and already surreal setting. Which was, later in photographic post production finalized to give the pictures their last surreal twist.

montagne en plastique

This project is not simply just about trying to make people reduce the amount of plastic they use. It is more about making them think about where we are coming from and where we will end up. By using the symbol of melting, and taking nature from outside to the inside and the other way round I created a surreal setting which confuses and confronts the viewer with something unexpected. This hopefully leads to reflection of their own behaviors.

méduse en plastique


This series is still ongoing. And it will be continued during the next couple of month. You can find a interview and some “behind the scenes” on how I have created the pictures at the Affinity spotlight blog

corbeille fe fruits


It would be great if, by the end of the project, there could be an exhibition. There I could raise some money for organisations who are fighting against climate change or those supporting nature and the resources of our planet— that is my goal.

vivre à la poubelle


COUTURE DRESSES: Ann Wiberg “trash couture” | HAIR & MAKEUP: moderngrace | MODELS: Nick Klose, Emily Fischer, Kira Steph, Melanie | ASSISTENCE: Markus Metschl

May 17, 2021

I would love to also capture your love in a truly unique and artistic way!

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