artistic business photography

portraying the soul of your business

business portraits

When capturing your business portraits that will be either in classic style with a clean background, yet infused with my style; or in your “natural” surroundings while you work at your workplace, with all of your authentic charm, featuring your tools or means of craft; and lastly, the business portrayal can be portraits of your employees. We will continuously communicate, create a moodboard and break down your vision - how you want to be shown by building a concept and tailoring everything to match your creative business needs, marketing strategy and brand statement.

business reportage

In the case of reportage, the process with communication and working on the concept is the same only the capturing is different. I will observe and capture the process and work ambience and how the products are made, how every detail is woven with diligence and love. For example, a chef who is cooking in the kitchen preparing secret spices, a goldsmith who is making jewellery, etc. I will visually tell the story of your Mastercraft, passion and skill. Because the details complete the story, I will always capture them besides the overall impression of how the product is made. To elevate the whole aesthetic I will furthermore seek out interesting light, reflections or framing to add another layer to your beautiful work.

product photography & fine dining

This approach channels the product as the star of the portrayal, as the main focal point. That may be still life works like jewellery, food, products like wine, etc. It is all about portraying its final artistry and the statement as a branded piece. Naturally, besides the usual moodboard and working on the concept, if you desire I can also style, arrange and add all the details, different surfaces or backgrounds to create the best version of its essence. Of course, all of that will be done with close consideration of your marketing strategy and previously envisioned concept together.

"We even could see some direct sales coming from new customers, finding us because of her pictures."

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